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Poker Dictionary 'O'

Here are all the different online poker terms that start with the letter 'o'. If you are looking for more poker terms then just clcik on the letter the term starts with

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Odds: calculation of something hppening.

Offsuit: card which are not the same suit.

Omaha: a form or poker.

On the Button: the person who has to act.

Open: when the opening bet is made.

Open-ended Straight: when someone is waiting for a straight.

Open Card: card that is placed face up.

Open Pair: a pair on the table face up.

Out Button: if a player is out they have a small piece of plastic infront of them.

Outs: the amount of useful card left in the deck.

Overpair: when someone has a pair in their hands that is higher than the pair on the table.

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