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Poker Dictionary 'L'

Here are all the different online poker terms that start with the letter 'l'. If you are looking for more poker terms then just clcik on the letter the term starts with

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Late Position: the player who has to decide as last because of his/her position at the table.

Ladies: a pair of queens.

Lead: the player who starts the betting.

Lay Down: when a player stops or folds.

Limited Poker: poker that has a limit.

Limper: the first player to place a bet at the table.

Limp In: when a player calls the initial bet not the raise.

Live Card: a card that is still in play but has not been shown yet.

Live Hand: someones hand that can still win the pot.

Live One: someone who nearly always calls.

Long Shot: when the odds are against a player for getting the desired hand.

Look: when the last bet is called and the cards have be shown.

Lowball: a poker game where the lowest hand is the best.

Low Limit: poker games where there is a limit and they are small.

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