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Poker Dictionary 'S'

Here are all the different online poker terms that start with the letter 's'. If you are looking for more poker terms then just clcik on the letter the term starts with

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Sandbagging: when a player is holding back when he/she knows they probably have a winner in their hand.

Satellite: a tournament to decide who goed throught the larger more important tournament.

Scoop: when somone takes the whole pot.

Seating List: the waiting list for a place at a table.

See: when a bet is called.

7 Card Stud: a form of poker.

7th Street: the last batting round when playing 7 card stud.

Shills: a prop who starts the betting and tries to keep it going.

Short Buying: when extra chips are baught but not the maximum amount.

Short-handed: when a poker table still has places left at it.

Showdown: the very end, there is no more betting and the cards have to be shown.

Side pot: an extra pot which is beside the main pot.

6th Street: the 4th betting round when playing 7 card stud.

Small Blind: the player left of the dealer must place the small blind before the cards are dealt.

Soft Seat: when players at a table have a lack of skill.

Solid: a player who plays like a rock, tight.

Speed Limit: 2 fives.

Split: when players have an equal hand, evryhting is split.

Stack: a stack of chips.

Stay: when someone stays in the game.

Steal Raise: when someone raises the pot to try and bluff all others out.

Steamrolling: when someone thinks they will win and raises or reraises to make the pot bigger.

Straight: five cards in consecutive order.

Straight Flush: five cards in consecutive order of all the same suit.

Stuck: the player who is down in the game.

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