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Why Neteller Poker

The game online poker is the most popular game on the internet today. Millions of people from all around the world play poker daily for fun and for real cash. The people who play for real cash need an easy and safe way to deposit and withdraw funds to and from their online poker and casino accounts.

The need for these transactions has been fulfilled by Neteller. Neteller is an online cash transfer company which is publicly traded on the London AIM exchange. As the largest in their branch they have been transfering funds online for people since 1999 succesfully.

A lot of different poker rooms support Neteller as it is the #1 E-wallet and is known for its safe and secure transactions. Opening an account with Neteller is FREE and very simple. You fill in the online form and send/fax some personal documents, a few days later you will receive a mail welcoming you to Neteller.

From this moment on you will be able to transfer funds online within seconds, you will be able to purchase goods and make deposits into poker and casino accounts. Because Neteller has such an added value for online shoppers we decided to make a site that gives you a look at a few well known poker rooms that support Neteller.

The idea of making a site that gives you a look at the different neteller poker rooms came to us after looking at a site that does exactly the same for casino's. We found this site in the searchengines and thought it was very handy so we decided to do the same for poker instead of casinos. So if you are looking for the same sort of site but then for casino's instead of poker then we suggest this neteller casino site, lots of relevant information and great casinos.

Neteller Poker has been made to inform you about the different poker rooms that support deposits and withdrawls using the number one preferred e-wallet, NETeller. All the poker rooms on this site support Neteller and can therefor call themselves, Neteller Poker.

This site is not affiliated with NETeller in any way and is only an information portal.
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