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Poker Dictionary 'T'

Here are all the different online poker terms that start with the letter 't'. If you are looking for more poker terms then just clcik on the letter the term starts with

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Tell: a sign that gives something away about what kind of hand a player has.

Texas Hold'em: a form of poker.

Third Street: the first betting round when playing 7 card stud poker.

Thirty Miles: 3 tens.

Three of a kind: when three cards have the same value.

Tight: a player who does not play a lot of hands but usually folds.

Tilt: when someone is constantly loosing, he/she starts to make very bad decisions.

Top Pair: when a hole card and the highest communtiy card form a pair.

Top Two Pair: when the best 2 community cards are the same as a players whole cards.

Treys: pair of 3's.

Trips: 3 of a kind, 3 the same valued cards.

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