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Poker Dictionary 'P'

Here are all the different online poker terms that start with the letter 'p'. If you are looking for more poker terms then just clcik on the letter the term starts with

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Paints: a picture card.

Pair: 2 cards with the same value printed on them.

Pass: check.

Pay Off: when someone calls in the last betting round.

Picture Cads: J,Q and King.

Play Back: when a bet is reraised of just raised.

Playing the Board: when all five community cards are used to make a hand.

Pocket: hole cards.

Pocket Rockets: 2 aces as hole cards.

Position: the position of a player at the table.

Post: when the amount of the blind is equaled as bet.

Pot: the chips in the centre of the poker table.

Pot Limit: a form of poker where no one can ever bet more than the total value of the pot.

Probe-betting: bet to see the reaction of other players.

Prop: a player who has been rented in by the house to have a good number of players.

Push: when the pot is pushed over the table to the winner.

Put Down: to stop or fold.

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