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Poker Rules

Ther are a few different forms of poker, the most common form is Texas Hold'em. We wish to keep this neteller poker site simple and clear for everyone so will only explain the rules for Texas Hold'em. If you wish to read more about the rules of the remaining poker games then please go to the bottom of the page where we have links to an online poker site which explains all the different poker rules.

Texas Hold'em Poker Rules

Everyone at the table is dealt two cards, hole cards. These cards are dealt face down and can only be seen by the individual who is playing the specific hand. After everyone has received their hole cards five cards will be dealt onto the table face up, community cards.

The idea of the game to make a winning hand which consists of five cards by using the hole cards and the community cards. Players may use only one community card or even non if this is their strongest hand.

The game has four betting rounds, the first one starts after everyone has received their hole cards. The second betting round starts after three community cards have been dealt face up on the table. After all the bets have been made the third betting round will commence, a forth community card will be dealt face up and the the third betting round can start. Once agian after all bets have been placed the fifth and last community card will be dealt face up and the last betting round will start.

The players that are still in the game will now go for the showdown. This is when all bets have been placed and all the community cards are on the table. The players will in turn show the other players what they have in their hand and the best hand will be rewarded with the pot. The game is now finished and the whole process will start again.

Before any cards have been dealt it is important to know that two players have to post blinds. These are bets made by the two players next to the dealer. This is to start the first betting round so that players can either fold or call after they have received their hole cards.

This whole precess may sound a little complicated but it is actaully very simple. If you are new to the game then we suggest you just download the software and play for fun. This does not cost anything and you will soon get the hang of things.

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