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Poker Dictionary 'C'

Here are all the different online poker terms that start with the letter 'c'. If you are looking for more poker terms then just clcik on the letter the term starts with

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Call: to equal the bet of the raise.

Call Cold: to equal the total bet and raise.

Calling Station: someone who constantly calls bets.

Cap: a player who keeps raising to the max per round.

Cardroom: the place where poker is played, can also be online.

Cards Speak: if a player shows him/her winning hand.

Case Chips: someone's last chip.

Cash Out: to stop playing and exchange chips for cash.

Check or Pass: when thre are no bets a play can check or pass.

Check Raise: a player checks first and raises later.

Chop: when the blinds are returned to their owners.

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